What is WowTables?
WowTables is your ticket to exclusive dining experiences at the top restaurants in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune.
How does WowTables work?
WowTables partners with popular restaurants & bars to curate dining & drinking experiences that go above and beyond a regular meal or a night out. Our registered members can make a reservation for these experiences by signing in at our website ( or by downloading our app at
What kind of restaurants does WowTables partner with?
We are extremely selective about the restaurants we partner with. Our partner restaurants have fantastic reviews, specialized menus and renowned chefs.
What is a WowTables experience?
WowTables experiences range are tasting menus, bespoke set meals, exclusive menu items, mixology classes, wine and cocktail pairings and master classes with renowned chefs. Each experience and menu is designed by our curators to emphasize the quality and uniqueness of the restaurant, chef or cuisine. Experiences are tested by our team and an expert panel to ensure that they live up to the expectations of our members. We add several new experiences every month guaranteeing that there is always something fresh on WowTables.
How often do you release new experiences?
At Least 1 a week.
How do I make a reservation for an experience?
Most of our experiences can be booked on an ongoing basis for as few as 2 people. Experiences can be booked online by signing in at or by downloading our app (available on android and IOS).
Are reservations confirmed instantly?
Reservations are manually confirmed with our partner restaurants to ensure that there are no glitches. Typically you will receive a confirmation email & sms from our concierge desk within 15 minutes of making your reservation.
Can I make changes to the booking?
For ongoing experiences you can make a change by going to the My Reservations page on the WowTables website or app, you can even call our concierge desk at 09619551387. Changes and cancellations reconfirmed with the restaurant you will receive a fresh confirmation. We will always strive to accommodate your requests.
What is your cancellation process and policy?
If you wish to cancel a reservation that has been confirmed to you by our concierge, you can simply go to your My Reservations on website or app call our concierge and cancel it with us. No cancellation charges apply.
What if I do not show up to a reservation?
In case if you don't show up, 50 points will be deducted from your account for every no-show. Members that repeatedly do not show up to their reservations might be banned from making future reservations. This is to avoid wasted food and unused table inventory.
Can I ask for a WowTables menu directly at a restaurant?
All WowTables reservations have to be made through our website, app or by calling our concierge desk. The experiences are not available directly at the restaurant.
Do I need to make a pre-payment?
Most experiences do not require a pre-payment and can be paid for at the restaurant itself. However an optional payment towards your experience can be made easily after you have received your reservation confirmation via the My Reservations page on our website or app.
What mode of payment is accepted?
The WowTables website & app allow you to pay via credit & debit card, net-banking as well as a variety of wallets. At restaurants, payment methods usually consist of cash and credit cards.
What is the cost of an experience for a child?
Children are charged for the full WowTables experience unless mentioned differently in the terms and conditions in the experience detail page. In case of very young children, we recommend you order from the A la carte menu.

How do I earn Gourmet Points?

About Gourmet Points:
We like rewarding our best customers for their reservations, reviews and referrals.

If you are one of them - that is, if you are making the most reservations with us and getting more of your friends and family to use our services - we want to give you certain exclusive benefits. And we want to find a way to get all our diners to this level of usage, thus rewarding all of you with our VIP treatment.

Universal points system:

We like For every referral - 1500 points.
For every review - 250 points
There are 3 levels of membership, with corresponding points, perks and rewards:
Level: Silver
150 points per seat for experiences worth Rs. 999 and below.
300 points per seat for experiences worth Rs. 1000 and above.
There are 3 levels of membership, with corresponding points, perks and rewards:
Level: Gold
200 points per seat for experiences worth Rs. 999 and below.
400 points per seat for experiences worth Rs. 1000 and above.
More special perks to be announced soon.
You must have 8,000 points minimum to maintain your Gold member status.You can move to level Platinum by accumulating 25,000 points or paying Rs. 6,000 for 6 months
Level: Platinum
300 points per seat for experiences worth Rs. 999 and below.
600 points per seat for experiences worth Rs. 1000 and above.
More special perks to be announced soon.
You must have 20,000 points minimum to maintain your Platinum member status.

How do I use Gourmet Points?

Gourmet Points can be redeemed for our WowTables gift cards to be used towards your next WowTables experience reservation. To redeem your points please visit the Redeem Gourmet Points tab.

Do my points expire?

If your account has been inactive for a period of 12 months, all points will automatically expire. All you have to do is make 1 reservation in a year to keep your account active.
What are WowTables Gift Cards?
WowTables gift cards are a fantastic gifting option that allow you to gift a WowTables experience to a friend or loved one.
What kinds of Gift Cards are available?
Our gift cards can either be bought for a particular cash value or for a particular experience. The cash value gift cards allow giftees to attend any experience(s) of their choice while the Gift Cards for a particular experience have the benefit of not having a price printed on them.
Which experiences can be paid for by using WowTables Gift Cards?
At in city’s list page, you can use filters to show you only those experiences where gift cards are applicable.
How do I buy a Gift Card?
You can buy our gift cards from the app or by visiting the gift cards page on our website.
What is the process of using a WowTables Gift Card?
WowTables Gift Cards are not directly valid at participating locations. Giftees have to apply the gift card id while making a reservation at, through our app or by calling our concierge desk.
Do I need to carry a physical print out of my Gift Card during the time of reservation?
You do not need to carry a physical gift card. Please mention your Gift Card ID while making the reservation and our concierge desk will handle the rest.
Can I have my Gift Card emailed to me?
Our concierge can send you a copy of the Gift Card.
The experience for the Experience Specific Gift Card I had bought has been discontinued by you. What do I do now?
In such cases, your Gift Card will be converted into a cash value gift card for the original price you had paid. You can use this Gift Card at any of our other experiences that accept Gift Cards.
When and how exactly can I use my Promotional/Complimentary Gift Card? Are there any specific terms and conditions I need to keep in mind?
Yes, there are specific conditions for any Gift Card that hasn't been purchased.
Only 1 Promotional/Complimentary Gift Card can be used per reservation. For example, if you and your companion have a Gift Card each, you cannot use both Gift Cards at the same reservation. Only one of you can use the Gift Card.
The Promotional/Complimentary Gift Card is only valid on a reservation of 2 or more people. For example, if you make a single person reservation, you cannot use your Gift Card. You can only use it if it's a reservation of more than 1 person.
Does WowTables help organize parties?
Yes we do. You can call our concierge at 9619551387 to find out more about our party planning services.
Do these parties have to be according to the set menus displayed on your site?
Yes, the party menu can be adjusted according to the customer's needs - budget, preference of cuisine, dishes and variety. The set meal too can be adjusted in a way to be served on buffet or circulated based on the menu and according to the restaurant. We encourage customers to take the set WowTables menus for parties for under 20 people.
What is a Masterclass with WowTables?
Masterclasses at WowTables are interactive classes with celebrity chefs where you can learn some famous dishes and try them yourselves as well. Masterclasses are mostly followed by tastings. (This varies from one class to another.)
When do you conduct a Masterclass?
We conduct a Masterclass at least once a month.
What if we want to arrange a private Masterclass?
We can also help you arrange a Masterclass for a particular event. Please call our concierge with your request.
Are you hiring?
To view open roles that we are hiring for please visit here. Even if you do not see a role that suits you, we are happy to hear from smart and creative people that are passionate about what we do. We might be able to find an opportunity for you.
How do I contact WowTables regarding press opportunities?

Please contact us at [email protected]

My question is not answered here. How do I get in touch with you?

Email us at [email protected] or call our concierge at 09619551387.