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Some new year fun! Not Just A Craft Beer Festival

Malty beers, fruity sangrias, and tasty treats! All this and more, while you foot-tap to some lively music and enjoy entertaining drinking games!

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WowTables Gift Cards, Mumbai

Gift your friends and loved ones a WowTables dining experience.

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The Sunday Brunch Collection, Mumbai

For the first time ever, WowTables brings you a melange of Sunday Brunches that strike a perfect balance between tasteful and wild. Besides, there's something deliciously naughty about getting tipsy on a lazy afternoon, so join us as we raise our glasses to the weekend!

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Classic Reservations

If you're not looking for a set menu, come make a Classic Reservation with us! We've got exciting perks at some of the best restaurants in the city waiting for you if you do. Check it out here.

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WowTables presents The League of Extraordinary Diners

This is your chance to earn credit (min Rs. 300) up to Rs. 1500 on every successful reservation. Click here to become a WowTables VIP member.

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Dining Out Made Easy

Reservations have never been this fast, simple & rewarding. Install our app to discover experiences and make reservations in seconds.

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The High Tea Collection, Mumbai

We're taking the old world charm of this elegant affair and adding our signature Midas touch to it. Presenting The High Tea Collection.

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Top Rated Experiences in Mumbai

Try our top rated and best reviewed experiences at some of the most chic and classy restaurants in Mumbai.

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The Alcohol Paired Collection- Mumbai

Food tastes best when paired with your favourite wine, beer or sangria and even better when you get these with an exclusive WowTables experience. Enjoy WowTables' exclusively created experiences a little more with a some limited and some unlimited flowing alcohol with our Alcohol Paired experiences.